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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Greetings in the name of the struggle.

After serious meeting with the Dean of students with the class rep and other prominent men of the prestigious AAU. As regards our school fee, all students are advice not to pay any money and for those that want to clear hostel you can simply use any 100L school fee payment to clear hostel.

We are seriously deliberating as regards the school fee but tomorrow the comrade Governor will be coming to AAU and we the 200L class rep and in conjunction with AAU SUG and NAES, NANS came to consensus  that we will in a peaceful protest excluding all form of violence but just to show and tell the Governor that we are tired of being in jeopardy.

We say no to the increment of school fee, we say no to injustice

And as such all collegians that (200L precisely) ranging from all Dept are to gather tomorrow in college by 7:30 and to match down to main campus for this peaceful roar.

I employ you to avert all form of violence and mis-normal

We have inform the DSS about this and you not to fear

Together we can remove this yoke of increment.


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