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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hurry!!!!!! H2i are giving out free cash.......


H2i is an acronyms for (HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL), a human capacity development organization born out of passion to helping others to excel in life. It is an NGO committed to put smiles onto the faces of the less privilege, empower its members and non members by providing humanitarian services, skill acquisition and others.


The organization was founded by Mrs Luzviminda MacElvis from the Philippines and co-founder Dr. Ramiel Policarpio a dentist from Japan.
Who is behind a company matters a lot in the sustenance of that company. Firstly, H2i is a foundation that has been existing for more than 7 to 8 years, all they have been doing is just carrying out charity work like- helping orphans, widows, physically challenged e.t.c. And also assisting small nations that sometime engaged in war, natural disaster like earthquake, after everything they will assist them in their own little way and leave, and that is how it has been all the way. In fact in 2012 when Nigeria was flooded, H2i came, they dropped money and left, until 2013 when they came back to Africa with this business plan that we have today. The point is, with this charity work, they were able to attract what we call international donors from world richest guys. When you hear Billgate, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump to mention a few, gives out money to foundation. H2i is part of the foundations and beneficiary of their donations. So even before the business started there was already money on ground to run and sustain it.

Secondly, H2i has four major partners- APPLE, HYUNDAI, GAC, &  HP. Lenovo, Diamond Bank and LG are the newest Corporate Sponsors on board that  kicked off in September 2016.

No company of this magnitude will want to partner with them if they don’t believe in their vision to truly touch lives and empower people as they say, if not they will be risking their reputation also by partnering with H2i.

in fact Apple alone can back up H2i without stress, let alone joining with other companies.

In summary h2i is sustainably backed up by international Donors, Conglomerates and Government agencies around the world who believe in their vision.

- No buying
- No selling
- 100% risk free

It requires a one time donation fee of

$40 (#6600)for 1account
$120(#19,800) for 3account
$280(#46,200) for 7account
$600(#99,400)for#15 accts
$1260(#204,800) for 31 accts
$2520(#419,600)for 63 accounts.
(depending in your choice and affordability but note,  multiple accounts is the 🔑)


It is a referral program.
It rewards in stages.
There are 5 stages to earn income.
You need to refer 2 people and the 2 people bring in their 2 people, then you are paid commission instantly which you can cash.
It is all about team work.


*Stage 1*
You earn $26(N4,290) or $58(N9,570)

*Stage 2*
You earn $1000(165,000)
Brand new Apple iPad or HP laptop or Lenovo laptop or LG appliances equivalent
CUG line for limitless communication.

*Stage 3*
You earn $3000(N495,000)
Brand new Hyundai Elantra car (worth $22,000) or SUV Creta
$1000 (N165,000)cheque each handed over to two non member of H2i whom you personally recommended to H2i as less privilege.
All expenses lnt'l exotic holiday sponsored by H2i

*Stage 4*
You earn $6000(N990,000)
Brand new Hyundai ix35 Jeep worth $27000
($2000 N330,000)Support for an orphanage home you personally recommended to H2i
All expense paid Intl trip

*Stage 5*
You earn $12000(N1,980,000)
$40,000 (N6,600,000)Housing fund.
$2,000 (N330,000)Education Fund for you children
Yearly Intl Trip.



H2i has a proven financial record before and after the business, at least with their charity record and even with what we have seen so far.

So far H2i has empowered thousands of Nigerians and Africans, skillfully. To cut the long story short, as am talking to you a lot of members have been trained skillfully, free of charge and are making serious money from the skill they learnt from H2i.

Also H2i has awarded over 90 average Nigerians with brand new cars, over 100,000 Nigerians with ipads and Laptops and still counting.


Someone once said- The easiest way for an average Nigerian to drive a Brand New Car today is through Helping Hands International. Very TRUE?


Well, you will quite agree with me that the major challenge in networking is getting downlines (I.e. people to register under you). This challenge is practically more tasking when compared to the cost of registration. Now, this group is saving you from that headache of recruiting downlines because once you register you stand in line to get downlines as those who register after you will be registered under you....in that way you keep progressing from one stage to another and claiming all the incentives in each stage. Isn't  that wonderful?  That's the sole objective of this group. CLICK the link below to join and let's succeed together as a team.

Let me repeat here and again that the challenge in network biz (mlm) is the ability to recruit downlines, build your matrix and balance your legs at the same time.. The most challenging task is recruitment.... If your downlines are not able to bring in people, your earning and your business stops which can be very frustrating. Our objective is to overcome the problem of scarcity of downlines by recruiting and building up a network of people. In other words, your problem of getting downlines will be taken care of. Now, imagine a situation where over 2,000 - 5,000 people in the group register as a team, the number will work astronomical wonders and make us all move at the speed of light. Mind you, MLM networking is all about people (referrals).

In order to conquer this challenge, we came up with this group called H2I NON-REFERRAL TEAM.

Which means:
   CASH your earning$$$$

We have the mind of exploring other viable MLM companies as a team, but the first choice is HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL once we have at least 1000 members in our group..with such a large number, our launching will be a huge success.
Join our group with the like up ∆  ..
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If you want to find out how a one time donation/investment of N7,600 can fetch u N265,000 within 60-90 days, then join the ultimate whatsapp group where all will be unveiled... Join this group and you'll not have to ever beg for money for ANYTHING again, ever!

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   With God on our side, We can empower hundreds of thousands (even Millions) of Nigerians through this project.
https://chat.whatsapp.com/HYtgGuH7srfKroTLCtXwGF. Tel: /Watapp +2348066436414,  +2348023605578

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