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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Episode 8
It’s a wonderful Sunday morning.
It should be a wonderful Sunday morning. The sun is out,
shining bright in the sky, the birds are singing, there is a cool
morning breeze pervading the entire place, an aftermath no
doubt of the rains that fell last night. I have just seen Nina off
(she spent the night) and we even shared a little kiss, before
the okada man, grinning from ear to ear, zoomed off with her
on the passenger seat. She had given me the address of her
place but had to leave early so as to go to church and also
prepare the place for her visitors when they arrived. We had a
lovely time yesterday…so it should be a beautiful morning.
So why do I feel so sad?
Yesterday had been wonderful, we made it to Sadi’s place
without any incident and there was already a live band playing.
We ordered some drinks and a large barbecued catfish
garnished with shrimps, tomatoes and onion rings. The fish
had been roasted in foil paper at just the right temperature
such that it had a crispy thin outer layer which had somehow
trapped the essence of the various spices and fruit recipe Sadi
herself had formulated to give a unique and heavenly taste. I
never got tired of it and Nina, this being her first time of tasting
it, absolutely enjoyed it. I had ordered a chilled cucumber and
pineapple cocktail for Nina and a bottle of Smirnoff ice for
myself. The atmosphere had been relaxing and entertaining
and before we knew it we had forgotten our issues. We
ordered more drinks, Nina taking a Smirnoff this time and a
bottle of cold Star beer for me. We talked about the office, our
families, our schools, our friends; we talked about a lot. And I
saw then that Nina was even more vivacious, even more full of
life than I had previously imagined.
We were halfway in the middle of a conversation and I had
suggested we finish it in my place. I know, I know, it was a
flimsy excuse but she didn’t complain. We got to my place
about six o’clock, just as the rain had started to fall. We
watched a movie, found out that we shared the same
fondness for songs and played a few tracks as we talked. By
ten o’clock she became sleepy and asked what she could use
as a Nightie. I went into the cupboard and found a large Pooh
Bear T-shirt. It fit her perfectly. I left her to have her bath in
the bathroom and went to see about the sleeping
arrangements. I pulled out the couch in the parlour (the chair
that could become a sofa) and set it up, and then I went to
change the bed sheets in the room. She had gone into the
bathroom with her dress, one of my towels and the T-shirt I
gave her. I was still fixing up the bed when I heard a noise, on
turning around there she was, looking lovely and smelling
heavenly. I wanted to have her there and then, to make her
mine, but I remembered my promise…
She came towards me, smiling that her intoxicating
“Still being the perfect gentleman?” she asked coyly.
“For as long as you want me to be…” I replied with a low growl.
She giggled and pushed me out of the room. I feigned
resistance a bit then went to have my own bath. By the time I
had gotten dressed she had put out the bedroom lights and
apparently gone to sleep. I sighed and went to the couch.
I had slept in that couch many a time when watching movies in
my parlour. Never had it felt as uncomfortable as it did last
night. I tossed and turned, put on the Air conditioning and put
it off again. Sleep became as elusive as the real Santa Claus
on a cold Christmas night. My mind kept going back to that
warm body lying on the bed, the curves of those hips, the
loveliness of that b---m. My throat for some reason was very
dry. I decided to visit the kitchen to get a drink and in so doing
passed across the bedroom door. It was slightly ajar and dark
inside, the only source of light coming from the bedside lamp.
I was on my way back from the kitchen when I heard her
“Is that you, chuks? Please come in… I can’t go to sleep.”
I came in and, without a word, snuggled up behind her. She
sighed and nodded approvingly and then closed her eyes. I did
too, for a few seconds, and then opened them again. I mean,
her neck was just there, so I gave it a brush with my lips. She
shivered and I caressed her neck with my lips a little more,
starting from the top of the neck muscle and going all the way
down to its base. She sighed again and I dared to raise my
hands in a caress of her supple neck and shoulders and then
down the curves of her hips and back. I felt her warm body
curve against mine as I continued my sensual assault but just
as I was about to feel the weight of her b---m, I heard a
gentle sob. I paused a bit and soon, I heard it again. She was
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“Nothing.” She said. “Okay, maybe something. I’m sorry
chuks, I want you, I really do, but…but…”
“You made a promise.” I said simply.
“And you keep your promises,” I said.
“Well so do I,” I said good naturedly. “I’m switching back to
perfect gentleman mode.”
She laughed a little.
“I’m really sorry chuks” She said quietly. “Can we just…”
“Say no more.” I said. I cuddled her and she went to sleep.
I had awakened this morning to the sounds of movement and
when I looked at the time it was a few minutes to seven. I had
eventually slept off more than an hour later last night despite
numerous protests from every cell in my body. I rubbed my
eyes and looked around the room. She had already gotten
dressed and when she saw I was awake she pulled me out of
the bed to escort her to the junction. She explained that she
had to be in church by nine and her room was a mess and she
had to go fix the place up for her visitors…
It was supposed to be a wonderful Sunday morning.
But I kept getting this feeling that today would mark the end of
my relationship with Nina.
To be Continued
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