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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Latest from AAU

*As it is no longer news that a meeting was held today with the dean of student affairs,NAESS excos,SUG and class reos*
While speaking through a telephone conversation  he said
*"I just want to let the student know that the student representatives are fighting hard for the intrest of the student'*
*"He also said a committee as been set up which will meet on Tuesday to delibrate more on the issues"*
Speaking further he said
*'After the meeting today with the class reps,We the student reps still held a close door meeting with the Dean and we made him understand he his the DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIR not DEAN OF MANAGEMENT AFFAIR and as such the intrest of the student should be his piority*
In issues like these we have to follow the rules of *ALUTA*which are *CONSULTATION,CONSOLIDATION AND CONFRONTATION* and as at present we are in the second stage and we are pleading to all student to allow us consolidate on this issue properly with a week from now
*The fight for the reduction is mainly for the representative to handle and if we see after consolidating no agreement is reached then we call for confrontation which we the comrades will lead the battle*
*So let no take laws into our hands because if we do the school might be shut down for a period of time and re-opens after While and by then we won't have a say again because the management win't give us listening ears*
*He also urges all class reps to stop sowing seeds of protesr into their collegues , he also warn student to stay away from ANY FORM of protest tomorrow for tight security measures have been placed tonight*

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