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Friday, October 21, 2016

Reasons why Nigerians won't buy iPhone 7

Stylish, sophisticated and classy. These are the flowery adjectives that describe iPhone 7 which was launched recently. You cannot miss the hype and publicity especially if you are always online and a tech geek.
Figures show that in the first 17 days when the phone was released, it accounted for 43% of all phone sales in Q3. Interesting. We  don’t have the statistics for Nigeria yet. But what Jumia travel know is that there are some funny reasons why Nigerians will not buy iPhone 7 or iPhone plus. Here are some of the reasons
I can buy a plot of land with the money
In places like Abeokuta, Sango Otta, Badore and other outskirts of Lagos, you can still buy a plot of land for almost 500,000. Besides, you can use the money to renew your rent for a year. Meanwhile, iPhone cost nearly N420,000. So, which will you prefer? The ball is in your court! The situation is not helped by the fact that there is dollar scarcity in the country.
Android phones are plenty in the market
Android to a very large extent can now strongly compete with iPhone. However, let’s give it to Apple, there are some essential features that make iPhone unique. This said, there are other very good alternatives that are affordable like Samsung, HTC, Infinix, and Tecno amongst others.
I will wait for the London use
In Nigeria, if you cannot afford to buy brand new gadget or device, you can go for the London use a.k.a fairly use. But as at now, there may be no London use iPhone in the market. So, some Nigerians prefer to wait for the iPhone 7 London use to show off.
Buhari’s EFCC is waiting for you
The new regime in Nigeria is hell bent on fighting corruption. So, EFCC is on the prowl to investigate anyone whom they suspect of sourcing their wealth from corruption. So, in this recession, how did you afford to buy an iPhone 7?
You will explain to EFCC. A quick example, if you are in China, you dare not buy the iPhone if you don’t want to lose your job.

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