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Sunday, November 13, 2016


               Aliens 'HAVE visited Earth... and there IS a global                    cover up' - shock verdict

               Aliens "have visited our planet... and world leaders                  are aware - but there is a major cover up underway                  to keep the truth from the general public".      

             That was the shocking verdict of an online poll asking Express.co.uk readers if they believed in intelligent alien life forms.
Our survey found that 70 per cent of freaders are convinced they do exist, and, not only that, there is enough evidence they have already visited Earth in UFO s.
What's more they believe the fact is being covered up by world governments.
So far 6,754 have taken part in the poll, so that means 4,727 people believe aliens are already among us.
Our revelation came as details of one of the latest of the many UFO sightings that occur emerged online.
An unnamed eyewitness sent an image to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of what they believe was an unidentified flying object.
The UFO was captured over Palmyra, Wisconsin, USA, on Sunday.

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