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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Oshiomhole arrested by EFCC for over....

Edo state: From the abyss to her destined place in history

It could be considered the acme of arrogance to attempt a comparison between Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s tenure in Edo State 2008 -2016 and ancient Rome in the era of Caesar Augustus 27Bc – 14AD and consequent development by the Romans; those who are seduced by the Eurocentric celebrations will disagree with such comparison, they will declare that 2016 Oshiomhole Edo cannot be conceptualized on the metric of epochal Rome.
Governor Adams Oshiomhole
However, the core focus is not a disquisition on the civilizing magnitude and crisis of either Ancient Rome or the Edo Nation. Rather the reference to that era was principally to underscore the existential nature of present day Edo. Therefore, the historical analogy points to the intensity and starkness of distinctive similarities of both eras. While Caesar Augustus was quoted as saying “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble”, Oshiomhole in the modern Edo State, can be credited to have transformed the state from the abyss to its journey to her destined place in history.
Two broad categories are easily perceivable. There are the past Edo State Governors who fall into the category of ‘’ establishment/traditional model” of economic and political paradigm , Oshiomhole saw a defined orbit of development initiatives for Edo State accompanied with a progressive , but limiting framework for our polity. His endearing vision to galvanize new horizons, to create paths of prosperity in hitherto unmapped territories and discouraging frontiers; who sought to engender new physics of infinite economic possibilities to match the challenges of our times , particularly one of rapidly declining oil revenues.
The comrade Governor of Edo State today is of the class who believe in the construction of new routes through previously unseen obstacles, those with combined insights and foresight to enliven new agencies of change for the march of history , those who will qualify in the ( local) parlance of Edo people as the ‘’ talk and do” (one who keeps promises).
Unprecedented times with unique challenges call for specific kind of leadership; like in ancient Rome, the crisis of our times demand leaders with capacities to contemplate new factors to balance unprecedented equations for alternative models of development, of strategies based less on non- oil resources and more on other internally generated revenues (IGR).
As in the comrade Governor who arrived at the government house immediately after recovering his stolen mandate from the electoral tribunal with detailed notes on the micro and macro aspects of the state’s economy. There was no time for practice or a gubernatorial apprenticeship, Edo State geo-political entity like the rest of the nation was confronting economic emergencies, a situation made worse by the bestial looting of our commonwealth and treasury by the past PDP administration.
Thus, Oshiomhole swung to action with such formidable team of Godwin Obaseki (chairman of the economic team and now the in-coming Governor) possessing the pedigree of a skillful captain of the state’s economy, ready for immediate actions on issues ranging from unemployment, general infrastructural degradation, road rehabilitation to food sufficiency, agro-industrialization and attraction of foreign investments.
These times required a special character of leadership; Edo State needed the vibrant chemistry of the Comrade-Governor to move an agenda of genuine pro-democracy and battle a decadent era of ‘’ god-fatherism”, to terminate the regime of impunity and non-payment of workers ‘salaries and pensions.
While one cannot argue that leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, but very few, like Oshiomhole come across as the complete package. He brought out the best in all those that serve under him with determination, grit, dedication, commitment and hard work. That is a talent even the most educated and experienced administrators don’t have. Over the last eight years, his stewardship of Edo State has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and most valuable his tireless efforts in advancing Edo State credibility and visibility to international agencies which has enhanced representation and partnership with counterpart partners such as the world bank. His skills are unbeatable and attitude at governance is unmatched, Edo could not have asked for more.
Edo State may not in any way be compared to Ancient Rome by most scholars, the narrative is instructive that the Edo State needed Adams Oshiomhole’s profile during this period ; his inexhaustible courage , his unfailing faith in the ability of his State and party coupled with his electrifying oration was the perfect match to confront, after failed dickering, the PDP “godfathers” – the cabal that was responsible for the abysmal stagnation of development and plundering of Edo State’s valuable resources.
Just as Nigerians massively rallied for CHANGE in April 2015, to urgently rescue a nation precariously adrift from the PDP, Edo State electorate is collectively calling for progressive continuity and, Godwin Obaseki , current Governor-elect seems to possess the most dependable periscope and map for the destined journey.
By all measures, Edo has improved immensely on Oshiomhole’s watch, saying he is a “class act” is perhaps too cliché; but he is indeed all that. The benchmark of leadership set by the comrade Governor demands a higher level of performance, dedication and professionalism for future leadership. This he ensured by vigorously endorsing and campaigning for the incoming Governor Godwin Obaseki, a trusted ally in the success story of the comrade governor. Under the leadership of Governor Oshiomhole and the advisory team of public-spirited citizens like Godwin Obaseki, Edo State stands out as one of the few states with the best internally generated revenue strategy and up to date on workers’ salaries.
Oshiomhole has laid the solid progressive foundation; Edo State must rise and be self-sustaining even as federal revenue allocation is bound to decline in the foreseeable future. These times demand a governor with the ability to simultaneously contextualize local economics within international monetary policies and vice-versa.
Noteworthy is the fact that the initiatives of Obaseki Economic strategic policy are already in motion in the areas of progressive continuity of education reforms, crucial development projects and the commencement of an empowerment program to stimulate funding for out-growers for such key crops as Oil Palm, Rubber, Cocoa, Rice and other grains. These are the kind of elements which the Edo State voters are basing their thoughtful choice of Godwin Obaseki as the man to consolidate and build on the legacy of the Comrade-Governor.
Despite the flickering whispers of dissension today, the overwhelming majority of Edo people from the ward level to the zonal apex are determinedly looking ahead to days after the period that maybe referred to in history as the beginning of PAX EDONA. They are prepared to proudly display the scorecard of a loyal servant of the people and a visionary Governor Adams Oshiomhole.
History must have consequence. There must come a time in the lives of individuals and communities as they courageously confront unchangeable truths as they devise dependable means for their future. With the brightening rainbow of unity, like Caesar Augustus that laid the foundation of a dynamic society that lasted 1500 years, the legacy of regular payment of salaries,
the construction and maintenance of roads, the welfare of teachers, construction of schools and state-of-the art hospitals by the comrade governor will not be forgotten by all Edo people, especially those children who sat on bare floors in schools and the communities that were cut off due to lack of access roads prior to his assumption to office, they will make sure that history will be kind to Adams Aliu Oshiomhole. He will forever be remembered in history as the man that “found Edo in bricks and left it in marbles”

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