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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Season of restoration

              THIS IS OUR SEASON OF RESTORATION: WE SHALL               PURSUE, OVERCOME AND RECOVER ALL. ( Being a                 statement delivered by Daniel Ogbegie, Esq. at the                   opening of The Edo Mandate Recovering Centre and               the convocation of the Edo Mandate Recovering                       Group in Benin City on the 12th day of November,                     2016).

          The task to redeem Edo State from the vandalization and plundering of the last eight years, and put the State on the path to recovery and greatness did not just end with the last election. That task continues until we have the chance to directly contribute to the much needed redemption works that would make our State great again.
This is why we are here - to congregate and start to contribute to the process to recover the mandate Edo people freely gave us that was hijacked by those who do not wish the State well.
           We must give hope to our people who daily toiled for this mandate. We must make them see that our leader and torch bearer, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is doing his utmost to fight for them and reclaim the mandate via every legal means. We must bring them to the table to be joint participants of this mandate recovery process, hence this opening of a mandate recovering centre.
           As part of recovering this mandate, it is pertinent to also monitor the Government that is being inaugurated today at the Ogbemudia stadium; not to give them legitimacy ( they are already heavily yoked with the burden of illegitimacy hanging on them like the sword of Damocles, while sweating profusely as a result), but to hold them to account to the people throughout the short period they will superintend over the affairs of the State. This we shall do on behalf of the people and the government that shall be installed in accordance with their will at the end of the constitutional process of mandate recovery that has already been embarked upon by the PDP at the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal. I assure Edo people that we have a good case at the tribunal and with your prayers and every support, we shall pursue, overcome and recover all.
We are confident that the PDP is working hard to reclaim the mandate through legal means. We also know the PDP has the capacity to monitor the adhoc Government that would be put in place to pilot the affairs of the State till justice is done.
            The EDO MANDATE RECOVERING GROUP is not to serve as a rival group to the Party but another platform to galvanise Edo people who would hitherto not have the chance to be on the PDP table to contribute their quota towards recovering this mandate.
We shall work hand in hand with the PDP in this venture and even, if necessary, put pressure on them to keep the flame burning.
We honestly believe that the movement to reclaim this mandate has gone beyond the PDP and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. It is a movement of all Edo people. A movement to protect the sanctity of our tomorrow, our collective destinies. So we as a group will serve as a veritable platform for the critical stakeholders in this mandate to synergize in ensuring resounding success in the aforementioned goals.
Edo people cannot wait to see the end of the plundering of their resources that went on under Mr. Adams Oshiomhole in the last 8 years. The man sourced 30 billion Naira from the stock market for the Benin City storm water project but after 8 years, he cannot tell Edo people how that money was spent. As we speak here today, as Oshiomhole is handing over, that project is in limbo, 30 billion Naira has gone down the drain.
Oshiomhole invited the President to come to Edo State to commission renovated Schools and resurfaced roads, costs of which he continued to hide from the people. For 8 years he failed to embark on any project that has direct economic benefit for Edo people. For 8 years he failed to employ anyone into public service. He destroyed the civil service and other public service institutions and institutionalised corruption and mediocrity in public institutions.
Under this man, the House of Assembly was so compromised that it became impossible to make his government to account to the people. Few days to the end of his tenure, they approved billions of Naira for him in disservice to Edo people they are suppose to serve. This illegality will be challenged and redressed.
So you see again, the need for us to be vigilant and focus on monitoring the Obaseki government as a snake will always take after its parents.
We hereby solicit your full support and participation in deploying everything you have in your Arsenal for this task to succeed. We count on you to deploy your human resources, financial resources, technical know how and experience, information and connections to make this work.
Thank you very much.
God bless Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.
God bless Edo State.
Daniel Osa-Ogbegie, Esq.

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