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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Six Nigerian Geniuses With Astonishing Achievements

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          Nigeria is a country of smart and talented people. AAUflash  made of a list of six persons who are so-called geniuses in their own field of activity.

1. Meet a young but talented boy from Enugu state who has constructed a little airplane with the help of locally sourced materials.
Hand-made airplane
This mini airplane has no engine, however, it looks like a real jet and even can contain two or three passengers.

2. A group of students from the University of Lagos have built an eco-friendly car .
UNILAG students with their eco-friendly car, Dove P1.
The car reportedly doesn’t diffuse gas and doesn’t make use of fossil fuel. It was built under the Project Dove Initiative with the use of locally sourced materials at the University of Lagos.

3. A 10-year-old Nigerian girl, Esther Okade, who has been accepted to study in a UK university.
Esther Okade with family
Esther Okade has enrolled on an Open University course months to study for a university maths degree after she passed her A-levels. Esther also has a talented 6-year-old brother, Isiah, who is studying for his A-levels as well.

4. Ufot Ekong is a student from Nigeria who has broken a 50 year record in Japan.
Ufot Ekong with diplomas
Ufot Ekong has broken the record after graduating with a first class degree and best overall student from Tokai University in Tokyo Japan. His first degree is in robotics and electrical engineering. This is reportedly the first time a Nigerian could have achieved such success since 1965. He also won Japanese language award for foreigners and solved a mathematical equation that could not be solved 30 years ago in his first semester.

5. Fatima Bombom Sani is a female student who broke the record at Nigerian law school.
Fatima Bombom Sani
A 26-year-old student at the Call to Bar of the Nigerian Law School in Abuja was named the winner of nine separate prestigious awards. The previous record was made by a student with seven awards. The awards include: “Best Student of the Year (1st Prize),” “Council of Education Star Award,” “Corporate Law Practice,” “Best Overall Female Student of the Year Award,” “Best Female Student in Criminal Litigation Award,” “Best Student in Civil and Criminal Litigation Award” and “1st Class Student.”

6. Dickson Ndukwe Agbai is a Nigerian who has become the best doctorate student in the Newcastle University in England.
Dickson Ndukwe Agbai
Dickson is a native of Ugwueke Community in Bende local government area of Abia state. He has been announced the best doctorate student after he defended his outstanding thesis titled “Analysis of Biofuel Potential in Nigeria”. He was immediately admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

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