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Saturday, November 12, 2016


               Python falls from ceiling on people's heads

–  Customers in a restaurant got the shock of their lives after a big snake dropped from the ceiling

– The animal managed to creep into the hole of the roof before it was caught by wildlife experts

A viral video with a snake emerging in the restaurant over the heads of terrified diners is making rounds on the internet.

The snake manages to dislodge the ceiling tiles
The huge creature somehow managed to dislocate the tiles of the roof and tried to crawl out of the ceiling causing the scared customers to drop their meals and move away.

Some member of the personnel later called a team of wildlife experts to pull the animal out of its den and calm down the nervous diners.

The snake falls through the ceiling as terrified diners watch
Footage shows a snake protruding from the hole, while specialists are trying to grip it on its head with a metal hook, while people are heard chattering behind the camera.

The reptile is believed to be a python, however, it remains  unclear where the footage was filmed. The video has expectedly already gathered thousands of views.

Earlier this week, another snake sparked panic among passengers travelling to Mexico City after it dropped from an overhead locker on a plane mid-flight.

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