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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


                        Why crucify her, are you saints- Ex- Queen

My Opinion:
For Chidinma Okeke, the dethroned Anambara beauty queen, this is certainly not the best of seasons. Her sex tape has been leaked by one conscienceless, greedy blackmailer. Consequently, she has been villified, castigated, mocked, pilloried and even condemned for an offence that is not by any standard more gravious than ours. Put differently, Queen Chidinma has been sentenced to the gallows; against all pleas, against all cry and against all protests she's being dragged to Golgotha about to be crucified by people who are more sinning than her.

                                              Formal Queen of Trust Africa
                                                Onyeka Agu Maryann

As we cry 'crucify her, crucify her', is there any of us that is not dirtier than Chidinma? As you point your dirty accusing finger on this young misguided damsel, where do the rest of your fingers point at? They point at you. The rest of your fingers point at you simply because you are dirtier and messier than Chidinma. As you are about casting the first stone on this agonising girl, are you without errors? Are you a saint? Have you not made some silly mistakes in your whole life?
For me, I am certainly not a saint. Imperfection defines our humanity. No reason or excuse or polemic can ever be adduced to justify this silly attitude of Chidinma. It is very unbecoming of a beauty queen. It makes a caricature and mockery of the sacrifice her family made in bringing her up. It even questions both her fate as a christian and her education.
I hate self-righteousness. I dont indulge in recrimination. Amongst the accusers of Chidinma Okeke are those who buy and sale sex. Among this riotous crowd of her accusers are child abusers, armed robbers, husband snatchers, lesbians homosexuals, ingrates and rapists. Well, "every dog de eat shit but na de one wey we see shit for him mouth be shit eater".
At this point, my concern is how to rescue Chidinma from this psychological death and posible physical death. Chidinma should not be allowed to die. She should be made to live. This indecesant exposure and its consequential trauma is more than enough punishment. The blackmailer who fixed her and leaked this tape wants her dead, and we should not allow whoever he is to have the last laugh. Chidinma is someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's lover and possibly someone's fiancée. I can just imagine her to be related to me one-way or the other.
I believe in the beauty of a new beginning. There wouldnt have been a Paul without Saul. Mary Magdalen was a harlot. Rehab was also a harlot. They were all forgiven just the same way Philemon forgave Onesmus. In forgiving Chidinma Okereke, I STAND WITH HER.

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