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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Latest from AAU: The school will soon be open said Sir Aliu

_Updates as they roll in_
13th Dec 2016 (11:30AM update)

Ears have been on ground to get information regarding resumption of academic activities.

It should be noted that update has seized to roll for a while owing to the fact that what the public wishes to hear next is the management's decision as regard resumption and this has been delayed because of the absence of the VC, who has been on official assignments in regard to the reopening of the school.

It has been circulating that school cannot reopen this year because the year is already gone. The VC on his arrival yesterday called for an impromptu meeting, where he had the opportunity to clear the air about the Non reopening of the school this year.

While many people are hoping and wishing school reopens January next year, alot others, most especially the new intake are eager to complete their clearance and other things before travelling to their various destinations for Xmas celebration.

While addressing the parties seated at the meeting, the VC urged everyone to disregard the information that school cannot reopen this year. He further apologized for keeping the students this long on campus before this meeting.

The VC further made it known yesterday that the indefinite shut down of Ambrose Alli University was already on record and for it to reopen, it needed to be on record, stating that he has deliberated the issue of resumption with the school governing council and will be meeting with other relevant agents of *STATE GOVERNMENT* today or tomorrow to finalize everything, making sure that all protocols are duly observed.

The VC stated unambiguously that *School will definitely resume this Year* adding that it will be mainly for the new intake *(100L and 200L direct entry)*... In his words "The School will reopen fully this year, so that new intake who are still around will have something to hold before they go back to their various destinations. As for 200L students and above, we know them very well and have slated their resumption for Next year January. *As for old students who wants to resume this year can still do so and update school works and other activities.*

On the issue of restitution which was not concluded in the last meeting with stakeholders, who pleaded that the management should be lenient in the imposition of the said fee,
the VC gave insight on the resolutions of the committee set up to look into the immediate and remote causes of the protest. While addressing the issue of the restitution fee, he stated that the Dean got in touch with him in regard to how the stakeholders pleaded that the fee be reduced across board.

He continued that he resolved with the committee to try and be more lenient in the imposition of the fee, after which the Council resolved that the whole students pay *N6000 EACH* excluding new intake *(100L and 200L direct entry)*...

The meeting came to an end with the VC appreciating the Dean for being able to seek audience with the stakeholders, who on their part resolved to adopt a diplomatic approach in a bid to resolve the fee Saga.

The VC also made it known in the meeting that he has plans to put up a cafeteria in campus, so that students can work there to earn a living. Adding that the payment will be very encouraging and welcoming.

He finally urged the students to cooperate with the management to move the University forward, adding that the University will experience the best of developments in his administration.

It should be noted that the VC, Prof. Ignatius Onimawo, has decided to computerize the educational system of the university to an extent. Students will now be able to access their transcripts online, without having to move from one office to the other. This means that students will now have access to their CGPA without stress or discomfort.

Sir'Aliu reporting...

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