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Friday, January 6, 2017

A wonderful dreamer

It was this same Fred, my classmate, who first tried to teach me how to smoke. Then David also tried. Fred was a terrible classmate. Rude to lecturers and
was ceremoniously known for his stubbornness. Many bad things were done by him yet he was never allowed to pay for any of his misdemeanor. He had a baby face. More like a goat in sheep’s clothing.

The one that got to everyone was when he was caught cheating in an exam. We all thought that that was the end of this wicked Fred. But we were soon dazed when we saw him bouncing to class the next semester. The other shocker was that, he got an ‘A’ in the course he was caught cheating.

This same Fred impregnated a girl, a Muslim student. He had to leave the off-campus base because the girl was of no small reputation. She was the girlfriend of another hardened cultist in the area. Even if he was beaten to a pulp after the act, yet he had to run for dear life when he got words that the plan was to kill him and not just merely beat him. He parked to the school hostel to hide. This same bad Fred deceived me. He told me to always come to night class to explain some lecture notes to him. I did. Innocently.

Now, after gaining my trust, he convinced me to follow him to see a friend in the same off campus base he initially ran away from. And with my huge head I followed him, this hot afternoon. It was when my nostrils met some terrifying cigarette puffs; then I realized that my brain had been replaced with sawdust.

How did I end up following this terrible soul here? I understood I was a sacrificial lamb. He had brought me to appease the cultists he offended. He had to replace his girlfriend, hence he chose me. I felt like screaming. But we were already in a room filled with smokers. All males. And I am the only person on skirt. I suddenly remembered the words of my mom, how she would say, “Angela, I always pray for you”. I really hoped she was praying for me right now.

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