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Saturday, August 12, 2017

All about Faculty of education dinner party

The FACULTY OF EDUCATION dinner party has come and gone with lots of Fun and activities. The FACULTY which is one of the largest Faculty in the school hosted lots of students within and outside the faculty.

     Before the event the FACULTY started with football match competition in other to Commence  the Dean's cup which started 11th of August to end 13th of August at Sport Complex.

      The FACULTY finally came together to mark the dinner party with lots of sexy and handsome girls and boys,  Education has slayers, i must admit.

   The event started on a good note with lots of activities unfolding,the presence of the faculty president was acknowledged along side other EXCOs. The pageantry wasn't left out, it was the main activity of the day with 11 Contestants from different departments.

  More also AAU finest artistes like STYLISH,  BABYFLEX,  AND LEWIS where present to put more life to the event. Despite the power supply was cut out and a misunderstanding between a student and the judges the event came out wonderful with dancing to end the show.


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