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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

All the heartbreaks you experienced if you attended a Nigerian school

Going to a Nigerian University is stress. It can go from smooth to bumpy in just one course code.
Here are a few heartbreaks you might have suffered or are currently suffering on campus.

1. When you applied for a Law degree but they gave you Adult education.
What will I do with my life?
2. When you rush to a 6am class only to discover it has been cancelled.
My sleep. My precious sleep.
3. When you take your time to dress really well for a lecture but you get to class and there’s nobody there.
4. So you just stroll round campus so that your cloth will not waste.
Haters gon hate. Wailers gon wail.
5. When your lecturer makes you pay for a handout then you discover it was just a ‘copy and paste’ Wikipedia page.
Teacher don’t teacher me wiki.
6. When everyone is talking about the questions at the back of the question paper but you completely forgot to turn your’s over.
7. When your lecturer assures you that a topic won’t come out in exams but there it is sitting at number 1.
Trust no one in this life.
8. When you crammed your entire existence for a test and the lecturer cancels it.
Where will I pour all the cramming now?
9. When the people you taught the in exam hall got an A but you got a D.
Why epp no epp me?
10. You attend lectures diligently but the day you miss one, attendance, test, fight, all in one day.
Is this how somebody will miss rapture?
11. When you and a lecturer like the same girl and you have to choose between love and a carry over.
Why do all good things come to an end?
12.When it is final year and a lecturer is saying he can’t find your result.
Is this how my life is going to end?

Drop your own lets get to know.... 

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