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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Education supposed to be the key,  but our leaders changed  both the padlock and the key..

That's why we see best graduating students been rewarded with #10,000, often times a mere handshake as a reward for hardwork.

But same persons and organisations will reward those who exposed their bodies and promote nudity with #25million.

This kasala wey dey burst brain, na you and me drop am. Today, corporate firms go prefer to spend on top celeb pass to employ brains. Se you sabi say companies now dey prefer to employ people of low qualifications because say them go train them and go fit pay them peanuts. E mean say that your BSc and M.A go give you more reasons to dey warm bed for your papa house.

If Lil Kesh sing iranu abasha, you go sabi the lyrics pass book. To buy books na problem but you fit buy 5gb data to download songs. With that you dey promote persons wey no sabi Jack and dey rubbish knowledge.

Organize a knowledge imparting program, empty chairs go dey show colors, call Phyno come same venue, na to dey lap ourselves sure pass.

How many people fit pay #200 to attend academic summit for 6 hours......but make Olamide perform for 30 minutes, it's worth #1,500.

Government no go gree do correct facilities for schools, you sef no go fit ask for am. If you fight for sound education, some morons wey be advert for stupidity go lock down school. How academicians go dey attack education? The worst na say students go dey curse from their papa house. Ladies go dey say, "I want to marry o".... You no get brain? Of all the things in life, na only marriage you fit think of? Se na by force make you be liability for the community?

Now them dey give best student mug and 10k, them try, soon na one bag of pure water them go wrap so the thing go big and heavy.

Na my own opinion o.............

Should this continue?

Drop your comments....

For intellectuals and scholars don't feel discouraged, some day our society will get it right.

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