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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pictures that will make you smile if you played football as a kid

Football was everything for many Nigerian kids and if you loved playing, you can relate to these photos.
1. When the owner of the ball is losing and decides to take his ball home.
Diarris God.
2. When you notice the girls are watching and the inner Maradona comes alive.
This is the day that the lord has made.
3. There was always the one kid whose job it was to jump into people’s compounds and pick the ball.
Oshey snake in the monkey shadow!
4. When they tried to make you the goalkeeper because you didn’t know how to play.
I’m destined for greatness please.
5. When you end up with the team that can’t play shit.
Why me Lord? Why?
6. When someone does ojoro and you let it slip.
First to do no dey pain.
7. But when you do your own ojoro they start protesting.
Ojoro cancel ojoro.
8. There was always the one kid that would come fully kitted but couldn’t play shit.
Shot 1.
9. That one guy that was always scattering the post whenever his team was on the losing side.
Like why why why?
10. When the ball hits you in the face but you don't want to cry because girls are watching.
I’m okay. I’m okay.
11. When you argue for 30 minutes whether the ball was over or under the bar. The invisible bar.
Nigeria’s problems did not start yesterday.
12. When your ball fell into a compound but when you asked for it, they threw out a ball slit in two.
13. When you always got picked last for a team because you were the unofficial “least likely to succeed at football.”
14. Can we please have a moment of silence for that guy we all thought would be the next superstar, but is chasing work deadlines now?
Because life happened.

Which did you do? Drop your comments. 

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