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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shocker:This guy in Canada sold an iPhone with rice inside

Ghanaian-Canadian man has been arrested for allegedly defrauding two clients by selling packaged rice to them as an iPhone.

Do you know, or have you heard of anyone who went to Computer Village to buy phone, but after paying, found Fufu inside?
YEN reports that one Ghanaian in Canada,
Andrew Boateng Gyimah, was arrested for exporting this tactic to Toronto, Canada. By the time he was arrested, he already had two victims who had reported to the police.
So lets us re-enact what the Canadian authorities said about Andrew our guy. He met up with one of his victims who saw his advert online.
When the person paid for the phone, Andrew was like,
But when the victim opened the box, what was inside was just rice. No iPhone 6.
And when he looked up, Andrew was already gone like,
Someone else had earlier forwarded this to report that he had fallen victim to the same trick by Andrew Gyimah.
Andrew is now facing two counts charge of fraud under $5,000, two counts charge of false pretence under $5,000, and two counts charge of breaching a court order.
But we have another theory.
Is there something the Police in Canada isn't telling us? Like, could it just be that Andrew didn't just try to rob someone with just any rice? Could it be that he tried to rob with Ghanaian Jollof Rice? Maybe what made the victim who really really got angry was that when he tasted the rice, it was trash.
Because you know if it's Nigerian Jollof rice, the victim will at least finish it. Just saying.
Moral of the Story: Don't rob, but if the devil decides to use you, let your weapon be seductive Nigerian Jollof.

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