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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Watch video: Big ass coursed commossion at architecture departmental week

The department of architecture started their departmental week  with a nice start with an exhibition Show case different designs. The department is well known for been serious with their school work and doesnt have time for social activities but today it was changed after different activities like dancing competition which brought different students from other departments.

    The event came to life when a Female student with her big back side (yarnsh) stepped on the dance floor and course commossion with her assets.

Watch video here
It didn't just end there, the EXCOs were not left behind. The day was Fun seeing the president dancing like a pro, DOS of the department doing his party steps. Permit me to say social life is back to the department of architecture and will give credit to the EXCOs. 
    Watch out for variety day also dinner party which will have AAU top artistes like TRAZYX, SLY D, LEWIS and many more. Watch out for more updates...  See pictures down

Watch out for him at dinner party
GUEST artiste along side
TRAZYX and many more.

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