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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nigeria men are not romantic - simi

        As much as she has been rumoured to have had one or two things with singers , Adekunle Gold and Falz at some point, popular singer , Simi , has said Nigerian men “are not romantic. ”
She said , “ I don ’ t believe Nigerian men are romantic. I think Nigerian men do not think they have to be romantic . I am not saying this to bash men but I think no one pushes Nigerian men to fight for anything so they have this sense of entitlement . I was watching a Nigerian movie one day and there was this unfaithful Nigerian man who left his wife for another woman. At the end of the day , the other woman left him and he retraced his steps to his initial wife . The lady ’ s mother actually told her to kneel in front of the man and that bothered me a lot even though I knew it was a movie . That is the way things are .
“ A lot of men grow up in this country feeling entitled to certain things and they believe that they don ’t have to work for anything . This has been the case for generations and a lot of our mothers were unhappy because the society expected them to stay in the relationship . I am not saying it is the right thing for people to leave their relationships but a man needs to fight for what he wants so he can value it . I think the problem is because a lot of Nigerian men feel self - entitled and I blame our culture and our mothers . Most mothers are the problem because when something happens, they are quick to advise the daughter and wives , they don ’ t tell the men that their actions are wrong . So if a man feels that he does not have to fight to keep the relationship , he would not . ”
The singer who hinted that she is currently in a relationship described the kind of lover she is . “To describe myself as a lover , I would say that I am a loyal lover . When I am in a relationship , I am all in and I put everything into it . I can only quit a relationship if the person betrays my trust because , to me, trust is everything. Trust is a big foundation for love . If I don ’ t trust a person , it would be hard to be with the person . If I date someone , I expect that you know what you have to offer . I believe that whatever I do for the person , I should get the same in return . I don ’t like people lying to me, ” the singer said.
The singer is currently in cloud nine because of the feedback she has been receiving over her sophomore album , ‘ Simisola. ’ It was a night of ecstasy for the soulful singer at her album launch party which took place at The Lekki Coliseum .
It is her sophomore album and her debut album since joining her record label X 3 M Music three years ago . Before now, she had released a plethora of singles such as ‘ Tiff , ’ ‘ Jamb Question, ’ ‘ Outta My Head , ’ which were well received and enjoyed massive airplay .

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